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    I have had 3 treatments done there already. Staff is awesome and very knowledgeable they were able to answer any questions I had regarding healing time, expected visits required to remove a large tattoo, and any possible side effects ( none so far). And with only my third treatment done yesterday I am honestly shocked with how little remains of the tattoo. Highly recommend this place for any one that has ink on their skin they desperately regret. I'd heard lots of people say it hurts worse then getting a tattoo.... that isn't true. As for comparison it feels like an elastic snapping on your skin for about the 5 or 6 min to do my full arm. And the day after feels like a slight sun burn. Nothing remotely like getting the tatty. Thanks guys see you in 5 weeks.

    Tyce Ottenhof
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    Went for my first round to get a couple of my older tattoos removed, I was surprised to see how much it didn’t hurt. It only took 5 minutes to go over the whole front of my leg, it was very easy to sit though and I felt safe and comfortable with the staff and equipment they use.

    Trenton Griffin
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    Had the first session for removing my tattoo on my finger. Was worried the laser was going to hurt especially since it is a sensitive area... The laser treatment was quick (45seconds) and didn't hurt that much at all. The staff was great, location super convenient, and all the best equipment and VERY clean!!! Can't wait for my next treatment!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for removal of tattoo or any laser skin care treatment

    Erica Wendland
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    Had the first session on removing part of my sleeve. I was shocked at how painless it was, I heard horror stories of how painful it was and it's maybe a little pinch. Heals very fast no issues at all. Can't wait to get my second session and continue on with removing it so I can get another tattoo in the spot

    Kade Ottenhof
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    Get prices and friendly environment. I would recommend to everyone

    Robbie Dodds
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    It was my first treatment and I was in great hands! They did such a great job of explaining to me what they were going to do and it was such a fantastic procedure as well! I'd recommend EXTINKT Tattoo Removal to any of my friends who'd be in need of their support!

    Kodiak Gwynn
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